Friday, May 31, 2013


Don't Be Lazy in the Kitchen: Intro

 Anyone who knows me has heard me say I despise cooking. People tend to say the best food has the most heart, soul and passion put into which is a great explanation for why mine tends to be terrible. However, anyone who knows me, also knows I love to eat. This can be a problem on a college student budget. Going out to eat or making sub-par TV dinners can become expensive, so this summer I'm enacting the "Don't be lazy in the kitchen" rule for myself. My fiancee has been haggling me to start meal planning for over a year now and something always prevents this. Likely, my own laziness. But because I adore him so very much (and having money in my bank account) I've started meal planning this summer. I bought a cookbook about a week ago because I currently only know how to make grilled cheese or pasta from a box. We took about an hour to go through it and pick out things we like (surprisingly a lot!) and then on Sunday we planned out our meals for the week. For two weeks we have managed to stick it out and the food actually tasted good. I dare say that I may be convinced.