Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Music Makes (or Breaks) a Movie

Last Friday I went to see The Great Gatsby. As you probably know, it's based off of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Being the English nerd that I am, I was very much looking forward to it. Though admittedly, I always have low expectations for books-turned-movies. Much to my surprise, this movie started off well. Then the first big party at Gatsby's place began. The movie, despite taking place in the 1920s, was playing rap music from the 2010s. Filmmakers are supposed to create an environment for the viewer to feel immersed in the setting in order to make a story believable, but it was not possible with modern music playing. The party-goers were dancing to rap music in flapper dresses and even relatively danced as they would have in the 1920s which only made the music feel more out of place. Bottom line: music can make or, in this case, break a movie.