Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Can't We Just Agree That All Body Types Exist?

Many people complain because Hollywood portrays (mostly) thin builds. This has created seemingly unrealistic expectations for a lot of people. I recently read this article on xoJane perpetuating the idea that the only way to be thin is to carefully monitor your intake and work out excessively. Sure, this may be true for a lot of people, but not for all. Some people may still not reach what they consider ideal and some of us are thin without it. The idea that someone has to follow a specific standard of rules to have a certain body type goes against the idea that we should be accepting of all types. I gorge myself in carbs just to keep my weight on. I tend to feel my best when I am at 107 lbs (I am only 5'3"). I spent last week eating healthy because better food gives me more energy. Unfortunately, I cannot eat healthy and fit into my size 0 clothes. In doing this I dropped to 100 lbs in a mere three days. Then I tried to eat unhealthy for a few days. Three days later, my pants are falling off and I weigh 98.4 lbs. So no, not all of us eat carefully and work out. I don't work out at all.

I tend to feel pretty confident in my own skin and I haven't dealt with the body issues I hear others speak of. However, now I am starting to be able to relate. Even appearing as what some would call ideal, I have to worry that people are going to spread the stereotype that I am a liar. That article suggests that models who say they eat poutine everyday can't possibly be telling the truth. Maybe they are, I don't know. Go follow them around for a week and find out, but don't suggest that their body type and diet can't go hand in hand. It only reinforces the constructs that the same people want to get rid of. Instead of saying what body types can and can't exist, let's embrace that all body types exist and with those types people eat a variety of foods, some work out and some don't and not all of us spend two hours getting ready to feel good in the morning.